About Us





Sulabh Technical Services has gained a reputation for professional excellence in survey sectors, being well known for our ability to find imaginative solutions to problems. Being proactive, we make sure that the service we provide is always tailored to satisfying our client's needs, which may explain why our onboard near real-time reports are being hailed as setting new standards and the benchmark in our field.


Sulabh Technical Services provides professional land surveying services, including due diligence, acquisition, topography, right-of-way, consulting, commercial and all types of land boundary surveys, to developers, builders, lenders and government.


Sulabh Technical Services was started its operation with the objective of providing comprehensive support to the Engineering fraternity of Jaipur. Sulabh Technical Services  has expanded the scope of its activities to complex services like Map Digitization, Architectural Walk-through and a host of other technical services, retaining the ultimate objective of providing a service that is professional and in tune with the latest technology available, while remaining inconsistently personal in nature. In keeping with our "principles", we extend these services at extremely low charges.


Now Sulabh Technical Services is operating in with the objective of providing world class quality survey and consultancy service. We are pleased to offer the comprehensive range of service to meet the requirement of various segments like Infrastructure projects, Engineering, Construction, Mapping, Real Estate and others.








To be a world - class survey and planning consultancy committed to quality, timely completion, customer satisfaction, continuous learning and enhancement of stakeholder's value.  




Our mission is to be a responsible corporate citizen committed to the social cause and continue to grow with trust and integrity.


  • To keep its clients satisfied.
  • To understand the project requirements clearly
  • To clearly explain the resources that Sulabh Technical Services will require to execute the project
  • To consistently deliver projects that meet the requirements with the highest quality, on time and on budget
  • To continuously improve productivity and efficiency on all projects
  • To identify new areas of operation that could lead to revenues and profits for Sulabh Technical Services

       .  To grow consistently